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Machinery and Technical Specialties

The Machinery Technical Specialties discipline of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers represents a unique group of individuals, who, throughout the years have defined the appraisal of machinery & equipment. Members of our discipline have served our chapter through committee & board chairs, regional governorships, representatives of our chapter on the California Appraisers Council and the California Coalition of Appraisers. Members are also found on the International Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee, as well as International board chairs, and ultimately, International President. Our chapter is well represented when it comes to the Machinery and Technical Specialties educational courses. Our members have gone on to develop & teach the Machinery and Technical Specialties courses that are offered to this day. Our discipline is very fortunate to draw off the experience of these individuals.

During the course of any business day, our Machinery and Technical Specialties appraisers are routinely contacted by a wide variety of business professionals who are interested in having a professional valuation performed. As in their professions, they belong to societies not much different than ours. They have been through the rigorous educational programs and requirements to achieve the letters after their names. They know that a designation from the American Society of Appraisers represents individuals that have met our society’s rigorous requirements to achieve our designation in the Machinery and Technical Specialties Discipline. They retain our services based on our experience, knowledge & designation that would best serve their clients needs. These professional’s encompass the business spectrum that represent the following:

Accounting Professionals Government Agencies
Lending & Leasing Institutions Business Managers
Chief Financial Officers Tax Professionals
Attorneys Hospital Administrators
Business Valuation Professionals Insurance Agents

Our members have assisted the above with regard to a variety of valuation issues that include, but are certainly not limited to:

Insurance Placement Asset-Based Collateral Loans
Ad Valorem (Personal Property Tax) Eminent D & Condemnation Proceedings
Leasing Litigation Support
Purchase Price Allocation Fair Value Support (FASB Requirements)