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Gems & Jewelry

Gems and Jewelry (GJ) professionals provide independent unbiased opinions of value for precious stones and jewelry. The professionally qualified GJ appraiser focus on one or more of the following specialties: diamonds and unmounted colored gemstones, contemporary jewelry, art and designer jewelry, Native American and/or other collectible ethnic jewelry, antique and period jewelry, gemstones rough, gemstone carvings and mineral specimens.

GJ assignments involve valuations for specific purposes including insurance, estate tax, equitable distribution, donation, dissolution of marriage, bankruptcy, sale and any other conceivable use. GJ appraisals involve the potential for dispute. Thus, GJ appraisers must be qualified and prepared to recognize and identify very specific items and reviewers of the GJ professional's work must have confidence in competence and unbiased objectivity. The accredited ASA gems and jewelry appraiser is uniquely qualified through training and experience to competently prepare appraisals of gemstones and jewelry. The insurance appraisals prepared by most retailers bear little resemblance to the documents prepared by ASA's accredited appraisers and Master Gemologist AppraisersĀ®. GJ professionals with accreditation from the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) enjoy one of the most prestigious and widely-recognized credentials offered.