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Business Valuation

Business Valuation (BV) professionals provide independent unbiased opinions of value for businesses and business interests of all sizes, from small proprietorships, such as medical practices, to large multinational corporations. They also value specific intangible business assets such as patents, trademarks, employment agreements, copyrights, securities and goodwill. These professional appraisers prepare merger and acquisition studies, employee stock ownership plan feasibility analyses and other similar financial studies. They may be involved in appraisals performed for estate and gift tax returns, buy-sell agreements, securities litigation, equitable distribution in matrimonial matters and many other purposes.

Most BV projects involve the potential for dispute and are regularly reviewed by governmental regulatory agencies (e.g., for gift or estate tax purposes), and many times are presented before a judicial court in a litigation setting. Under this kind of intense examination, it is important that reviewers of the BV professional's work have confidence in competence and unbiased objectivity. Hence, the BV profession has evolved a number of professional credentials, which provide the users of business appraisals with a method of assessing the appraiser's professionalism. BV professionals with accreditation from the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) enjoy one of the most prestigious and widely-recognized credentials offered.